Soap is a simple but highly appreciated gift for any occasion. Soap making equipment enables any business owner to enter this niche market. In fact, according to Statista, the detergent and soap market is about $47 billion. Learn more about why soap is so popular as a gift below!

1. It’s Functional

Soap is a great gift because it is functional. Gift givers don’t have to worry about the size and whether it will fit. Gift givers also don’t have to worry about whether the gift will get used. Soap is something that everyone needs and that everyone uses. Of course, it is also an affordable gift. All in all, soap is both a practical gift and a nice gesture. Who doesn’t love great-smelling soap?

2. It’s Neutral

Soap made with high-quality soap making equipment is the right gift for everyone. You don’t have to have a personal connection with someone to give a person soap. Similarly, you can have a very personal connection with someone by giving them soap.

Whether soap is part of a personal gift or a kind gesture to someone you barely know, it is always a good choice. Everyone appreciates it!

3. It’s Long-Lasting

It’s lovely to give flowers or chocolates, but neither last very long. High-quality soap can last for months!~ The gift’s receiver will be reminded of it often, too. It’s the gift that keeps giving long after the occasion is over. This long-lasting gift brings back fond memories of the occasion.

4. It’s Sustainable

There are so many small businesses out there that create sustainable, eco-friendly products. Whether your friend is an avid environmentalist or your family member tries to purchase only eco-friendly products for their home, either will appreciate a gift of sustainably-made soap! They can wash their hands every day with a product that aligns with what they treasure.

Soap made from top-quality soap making equipment is the ideal gift for anyone in your life and for any occasion. Support a small soap business! If you’re interested in tapping into this niche market as a business owner yourself, contact the team here at Coogar Products, LLC today to learn more about our soap making equipment, costs, and options. We look forward to hearing from you!