making cosmeticsCoogar’s wax equipment opens up many business possibilities. You can pursue a successful business making and selling candles, soaps, cosmetics and more. No matter what your passion or line-of-business is, if it involves wax, we have you covered. Coogar Products offers the most dependable and affordable wax melters, diffuser pumpers, mixing pumpers and batch pumpers around.

Most people think that Coogar Products’ machines can only be used for candles. In fact, many of our clients’ businesses have become successful in the candle industry. Candle making continues to be one of the most popular uses for our machines. However, Coogar can do much more than just produce candles. Cosmetics, lotions, soaps and lip balms are just a few other products that can be made using Coogar’s equipment. Our wax machines can even make deodorants if that is your fancy.

With Coogar, business owners in several different industries have been able to open or expand their own shops and develop a healthy and successful business.

The Benefits of Coogar’s Equipment

making soapWith Coogar Products’ equipment, not only can you make one-of-a-kind products for your business, but you are making them in a way that is economical and efficient. Coogar’s machines produce the least amount of waste compared to the machines of other manufacturers. This means less wax is wasted, which is great for both the environment and your wallet. The efficiency and lack of waste means you buy the wax, fragrance and other products less often, which saves you money.

You can also pass along the savings to your customers. Instead of paying for the labor of employees to handmake each and every unit, utilizing an efficient machine will speed up the production, reduce costs, and allow you to sell your products at a more affordable and competitive price.

If you’re ready to turn your passion into a legitimate business or are interested in streamlining the production process of your current business, Coogar has the equipment and support to help you get there. We stand behind our high-quality wax equipment and are committed to providing both current and future customers with reliable service. Check out our products and contact us today with any questions you have about our wax machines and products.