Diffuser Pumpers

Used to pump product that is already in a liquid state, that does not require heating.

Coogar Diffuser Pumpers

At Coogar Products, you can find a selection of reliable and energy efficient diffuser pumpers that are designed to handle product that is already in a liquid state and does not require heating. You will soon be able to work more efficiently, with a smaller crew, while still producing high-quality products.

Start changing the way you work by reducing waste, lowering overall costs, and increasing workflow efficiencies.

Characteristics of a Great Diffuser Pumper

Coogar diffuser pumpers are built to last. These machines won’t rust or corrode, so you don’t have to worry about it contaminating your product in a few years. Since you’re working with materials that are already in a liquid state, you need to make sure that it goes in and out of the diffuser without losing any quality.

Just like our heated wax dispenser, the computer controlled solid state circuitry means that the user will have complete and precise control over the dispensing of unheated materials. Product can be mixed with fragrance in exact amounts, and changing fragrances and containers can be done by a single person.

Our goal is to provide these new efficiencies without ever lowering our safety standards. We oversee the design and production of all our machines, and we ensure that they are always safe to use whether you’re working in small batches or large.

The Right Tools for the Job

At Coogar Products, our diffuser pumpers were designed to handle specific jobs. The table top diffuser was designed for transferring unheated base product from a bulk container to an end-use container, making it an effective part of your wax dispensing systems. This is a great choice for fragrances, oils, liquid dyes and other unheated base products.

The larger diffuser lets you mix an unheated base product with the fragrance before dispensing it. The extra-large vat can be operated by a single member of your crew and fragrance and container changes are just as fast as our other machines.

Coogar Products Dedication to Quality and the Customer

At Coogar Products, we take direction control over the production of this equipment to ensure that you receive machines that have met our highest quality standards. Each one is manufactured here in the U.S.A., but they’re made to comply with the European Conformity so they can also be sold in the European market.

We’re well connected with all major suppliers, and we have more than 70 years of manufacturing experience, so we can always deliver the cutting-edge equipment you need.

We know these machines inside and out because we are part of the entire manufacturing and purchasing process. We are passionate about these products and are dedicated to your success. Contact us today to learn more about these diffusers and find the one that will streamline your systems and change the way you work.

Heated Wax Dispenser

Standard Features

Heavy Duty 304 Stainless Steel Construction
Easy Operation
Technical Support
Made in the USA
European Market Approved with CE Marking


CAPACITY: 420 lbs. 190kg

DRY UNIT WEIGHT: 300 lbs. 136 kg

110v 8amps
240v 4amps

(Length x Width x Height)
64 x 20 x 30 in / 163 x 51 x 76 cm