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Coogar - I Love My Coogar
I Love My Coogar

Pour candles fast and easy! Even a child can do it.

This is a demonstration of the Mark VIII CE Mixing Pumper. It is a large wax melter, so easy to use a child can do it!

I Just Spent $21k on THIS for My Candle Business (Candle Equipment & Supplies)

It has ALREADY been worth it. This candle making mixing, pumper, and filling machine is amazing.

The Most Magical Piece of Equipment, It's a Unicorn

One year ago today we got a delivery that changed our business forever. I call it my Unicorn because it is so magical.

The Soap Gal loves her Mark VIII CE Mixing Pumper!

She has been using her Unicorn (Mark VIII CE Mixing Pumper) for over a year to grow her soap, natural skincare, and candle making business.

John Mark Candles

Mark VIII CE Video

Watch how easy it is to pour an exact amount of wax and speed your candle-making production with the Mark VIII CE mixing pumper

Candle Making Video

The Coogar Products Mark VIII lets you produce candles extremely fast without all the waste. See how you can increase operations with a single person.

Candle Making Equipment Video

In this video we take a closer look at different types of candle making equipment and see how they compare to Coogar Products.

John Mark Candles

Mark VIII CE In-Action

Candle Making Equipment: Wax Melters & Mixing Pumps in Español

Using Hands of Wax Machines at Your Event

Hands of wax is a fun, memorable addition to any event. In this video we look at how easy it is to create some unique keepsakes in just a few moments.