This is the frequently asked questions section of the site.  It is expanding so check back often.  Currently we have FAQs regarding Mixing Pumpers, Melters, and Wax Hand Machines.

Mixing Pumper FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How accurate is the pour on the machine?

It pours +/- .1 to .2 per cycle

Should I run the filters?

Yes make sure you always use the wax and the scent filters.

Can this machine pour palm wax?


Can it pour soy wax?


Can it pour coconut wax?


Can it pour paraffin?


Can it pour beeswax?


Can it pour deodorants?


Can it pour soaps?


Can it pour chapsticks?


How accurate is the calibration on the fragrance?

We can go to 10th of a gram if you wish.

What type of dye should I use?

Liquid color is the best. It blends the best in the wax.

Is training offered?

Yes.  We offer free Skype training with the purchase of a new machine.

Is the wand heavy?

As you can tell from our video, a 10 year old girl can operate the machine.  It’s the lightest one in the industry, weighing 2-3 lbs.

How long is the hose?


How long is the cord?

You will need a 12 gauge 25’ extension cord

Should the machine be on a dedicated outlet?

Yes a 20 amp dedicated for the USA.  10 amp for 240v situations

Can I use it as a melter?


Wax Hands FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the best way to cut the wax?

With fishing line or a plastic butter knife.

How big should the pieces be?

For the clear side you can break slabs in half / color break until they fit, use a hammer to break.

What is the most cost effective depth to keep each bin filled to?

Try to keep ½ or just above for easy transport. Add wax at show.
What are the power needs at an event?

What are the power needs at an event?

The machine draws 16 amps when at an event and you do not have the power, the color side can be run on low heat.

Should customers take their rings off?

Yes, though flat wedding bands are ok.

What can I do about the small holes that are sometimes on the wax after my fist dip because the wax seeps through the holes on my second dip and it burns?

This is caused by soap bubbles in the water. Try not to make bubbles in your soap water. To avoid bubbles put water and ice together than add the soap and stir gently.

When do I know to order color dye and how do I use it?

When the colors are too pale.  Pour in dye until color is the shade you want.

When it’s cold/windy outside should I turn up the heat?

When the outside temperature is cold or on a windy day, this will rob heat from the vats. To get around this turn the temperature up. When it’s 90°F out the machine will run at a lower temperature. When its 60-70°F out the machine will need to be run at a higher temperature.

What size fuse does the machine take (USA)?

10 Amp fuse.

What temperature should I set the machine at to do a melt down?

170° – 172°F

What temperature should I set it at to make hands?

170° – 172°F

Do you sell the decorations/flags/bags, etc. to decorate the wax hands?

No we only sell the wax and the dye.

How many hands does a wax refill make on average?

A refill (270 lbs) will make about 1000 average adult hands.

When we heat the wax, should we leave the cover on?


Which switch is for the color wax and which is for the clear?

The clear is on the left, the color is on the right.

How is my wax hand shipped?

If you ordered a wax refill with it, we ship it full of wax. The color vats are already colored. You will have 2 boxes of white/clear wax included with your shipment.

Is the wax colored wax?

No. None of our wax is colored. We supply the liquid dye to put in the white/clear wax so you can get the color you want.

Melter FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you turn on the melter?

Power button to “On” position.

Can I hook the melter to a timer?

No the machines are made to run 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Can the melters run 24 hours a day?


Can I run the melter with no product in it?

 No. Always make sure there is at least a ½” of product in it.

Is the pour valve heated?


Do you have a wand system for the melters so I can pour candles directly from it?


What’s the highest temperature you can melt at on the melter?


Do the melters come with a mixer?


How do I clean the melter out?

When you get to the last ½” of the wax in the tank, shut the melter off, drain the tank and then clean it out.  Then reload the tank and turn on.

What is the melt tank made of?

Stainless steel

What size fuse do I need?

The size of fuse is listed on the machine.

What is the power?

110v USA and 240V Overseas

Can I get 240V in the US?

Yes, but you will need to request it at the time of your order.

Does the 240V come with a plug?

No.  You will have to install the one you want.

Is training provided?

Training is not necessary for a melter.  Operating instructions are in the manual.

Does it need to be on a dedicated outlet?

Cs Melters do not require a dedicated outlet.  All other melters do.

How long does it take for a CS melter to melt?

3-4 hours. Melt times are determined by the melting point of the wax, higher melt point the longer it takes.

Does turning up the melter to a hotter temperature than desired temperature make the wax melt faster?

No it doesn’t. It’s best to set the melter at the desired pour temperature. If hand pouring set the temperature at 10 – 15° higher to compensate for heat loss.