6 04, 2020

4 Tips to Successfully Market Your Unique Soaps

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When settlers crossed the midwest, they brought with them the ability to create homemade soap. Today, innovators like you have revived the time-honored art of soap making using more efficient, high-quality soap equipment to ensure consistent products consumers will love. In fact, soaps and detergents are expected to sell for a combined $47 billion by [...]

10 03, 2020

Does Investing in the Best Wax Melters Really Make a Difference?

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If you work with wax melting machines, you likely understand just how important it is to invest in top of the line equipment. But just how can using the best wax melters help your operation? Here are a few key considerations. More Efficient Operations When you're investing in wax melting machines, it's important to understand [...]

13 01, 2020

Best Soap Making Equipment For Cold Process Soap

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Natural beauty products are preferred over synthetic products by 42% of women over the age of 18. Making cold process soap is fantastic because you can create natural soap and customize every ingredient to your liking. However, it also requires special equipment in order to make it safely. Here's the best soap making equipment you'll [...]

13 12, 2019

Back to Basics: What You Need to Know About Industrial Wax Melters

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Candle making is truly an art form as well as a profitable business. In the United States, there are roughly $3.14 billion in retail sales of candle products each year. If you want to grow your business, you need to have wax melting equipment that is able to handle mass quantities. To take your business [...]

21 10, 2019

Meeting the Requirements to Sell Melters and Pumpers in Europe

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Before equipment like wax melters and pumpers can be sold in the European Union, they must comply with all the health and safety regulations that are included in the current legislation. These are not just guidelines. They’re mandatory directives for equipment that will be operated in the EU. Compliance with all these regulations is represented [...]

18 09, 2019

How to Build Your Product Line with Lip Balm

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Chapped lips are something that everyone has to deal with at one time or another. Maybe they live in particularly dry climates. Maybe they habitually lick their lips, causing them to crack. Whatever the reason, a lot of people rely on lip balm to keep their lips soft and smooth. And that is exactly why [...]

26 08, 2019

Expand Your Product Line with Solid Lotion Sticks

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Image Credit: The Great Soap Company You don’t have to be a huge business to start thinking about how you can expand your product line. In fact, this is something that you should always have in mind, since diversifying into several different product lines can help reduce risk, expand your reach, and build on your [...]

29 03, 2019

Enhance Your Candle and Cosmetics Production with Coconut Wax

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Coconut wax may be just the ingredient you need to create something unique with your wax mixing pumpers and melters. The Coogar Products line of energy efficient mixing pumpers can effectively melt coconut wax so you can start to expand your range of candles, cosmetics, and other products. Our equipment is designed to let [...]

13 02, 2019

Make Your Own Lotion Bars With a Coogar Melter

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Whether you’re just starting out or you run a large-scale soap and candle business, it is a good idea to expand your product offerings after you’ve perfected your special, novelty item. It’s fun to dabble and experiment with different products. Many begin making bath salts and bath bombs. Lotion is also a high-demand product that [...]

3 01, 2019

How to Start a Soap Making Business

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Starting a soap making business can be exciting and stressful all at once. You’re about to embark on a journey that will turn the hobby you love into a business you can grow and develop. Setting up any new business requires a definite plan and specific goals to make sure you have all your bases [...]