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I Love My Coogar


Joanna Couch, The Soap Gal

We bought our dipping tank for carving candles approximately 19 – 20 years ago and it is still working great.  It keeps our wax a hot temperature constant at all times.  We are so glad that Coogar built this dipping tank. Justin has been very helpful to answer any question that I might have about our dipping tank.  We thought we had a problem and only found out that our water level needed to be higher in our dipping tank to fix our problem as the dipping tank is still performing as it was built to last.

Mary – Georgia

I have to tell you and Scott that what you guys make is just awesome. I know I have told you how great it is but man its awesome! It took us from 6 employees to 3 and we make candles so quick I can’t sell them fast enough. Truly awesome!

Dan – San Francisco, CA

We bought a Mark IV pumper from Coogar Products 10 and a half years ago. It was actually the first one in Australia. The machine has been amazing! Very easy to use and considering the time we have had it, virtually trouble free. Scott and Justin’s after sales backup has been outstanding. I would highly recommend Coogar Products to anybody thinking of buying candle equipment. Thanks guys for making candle making easy!

Peter and Jill Staas – The Candle Tree/Sydney Australia

I wanted to thank you personally for providing the best in service and innovative candle manufacturing equipment. Through my nightmare purchases from other equipment manufacturers you have made my life much easier. Having equipment that withstands the test of time and is constantly performs as it did on the first day has helped me meet the demands of my customers, increased the quality of my product and most important improved my bottom line . Having Coogar Products as my candle equipment manufacturer has been a valuable asset to my company.

Stephen J. – North Florida

We are growing nicely and I am very keen to expand our operation and the Pumper we got from you hasn’t missed a beat since we got it 5 years ago mate – couldn’t be happier with it!

Adan Djurovic – – Australia

Thank you for your help. The pumper is so fabulous. I wish I had bought it 5 years ago. Mr Hendricks was also very good. He was very professional and explained the entire process in such a way we were very comfortable. I was afraid at first, I didn’t think I would be able to figure it out and use it. With the pumper, we will be making precision candles, no mess, and much faster. We have been making candles like cave people until now. I can’t tell you enough how thankful we are.

Alicia Shope – Texas General Square Candles

In my opinion Coogar pumpers and melters are the best available and at a very affordable price. Dusk trialed other pouring machines during the upgrade of our factory. Not one delivered on their promise. Then our first Coogar pumper arrived. Since then we never looked back. Their introduction revolutionized our manufacturing process. The machines are simple to learn and operate; hand-pouring candles has never been so easy. I was so impressed I had systematically switched all of our melting and pouring equipment to Coogar products. Productivity is up by 40%, waste has dropped by an incredible 14% and power consumption is also down. The consistency and quality of the product from the machine is brilliant. Coogar pumpers and melters are built for the rigours of the daily grind. During our peak production the machines work 24 hours a day for several months. During this period our downtime was negligible. Handed from one shift to the next each Pumper worked continuously day after day without and major problems.

John Mcfee – Dusk – Australia

Just wanted to take a minute to thank Justin and all the others at Coogar Products for being such an integral part to our operation. I’ve singled Justin out because he’s my main contact, but everyone I’ve dealt with there has been extremely knowledgeable and friendly. We made a gradual move into using their products. I found a used Coogar Mark W (“W” for “way long time ago”) that had been driven hard in production for several years then stored in an ice-cold, then steaming hot garage for 7 more. Amazingly, the machine worked! Overnight our capacity and quality improved dramatically… and I wasn’t even using it right. In fact, the machine did need some work and overhauling. But Justin diagnosed things over the phone, sent me the parts right away and then talked me through the whole repair operation… all over the phone. Little did I know how great the machine works when it’s working the way it was meant to! In fact, it’s worked so well that we wound up purchasing a new one in mid-2012 as our production needs increased. We also have 10 of the big melters of theirs that we use. The machines allow me to spend less time on the floor yet know that the candles that are being made are the best they can possibly be… consistently. Long story short – these guys know their business. And even better, they stand behind their product and the service is impeccable. Anytime I need anything they are there to answer my question on the spot or first thing when they get in (on those rare times when I call at 7pm on the west coast and they don’t pick up the phone despite the late hour… sorry guys.) I’ve long been a reference for Coogar when someone is looking to get into the machines, but putting something in writing is long overdue. I can’t praise these guys and their equipment enough. I’m a believer! Funny thing is, now that I’ve been in the industry for 7 years and have had the opportunity to see what some of the “big boys” are using in their factories, I realize just how many of them use the Coogar machines too. Proud Coogar owner since 2010… wishing I had found them sooner before I tried some of the other companies out there whose products can’t hold a candle to Coogar. The money I spent learning that little gem of knowledge would have put me in a Coogar much sooner… and saved me several Costco size bottles of extra-strength pain reliever.

Mike Peek – Owner, Wayfarer Candle Company; Co-owner, MyScent Inc.

I have used my Coogar Products CS wax melter for 9 years. Justin, (one of the Coogar guys), pointed out ways to help me reduce pouring time and boost my income in creative ways. He is always there to answer my questions when I am trying something new. I am a fully satisfied customer and I highly recommend Coogar Products.

Melinda – Candle Creations

just to let you know that we poured today with your machine and everything is perfect. We lost a few minutes adjusting the speed at the beginning and we still poured 2100 shells [tarts] in less than 3 hours. Very nice, tremendous difference from this wax melter stuff.

Tim – South Beach Candle Company

Machine is running well, smashing our pour times in half!! Best thing we ever did!

Mike – Palm Beach Collection – Australia

Thanks for all the help and making awesome equipment! On a side note, Larry from Vermont Soap was talking about some bad-@$$ filling equipment & we realized that it was Coogar, of course!

Anne and Jim – Way Out Wax – Vermont

Thank you so much for all the information and insight for getting the most out of our new Coogar. We are pleased to tell you to please begin manufacturing the second unit!

Jennifer – California

Thanks again for coming all this way to commission the equipment – that’s what I call exceptional service. The “pumper” is already doing its job and we are delighted.

Patrick – Australia

I love the melters, they are working out just fine.

Margaret – Illinois

Your response and follow up service call to our melter problem was excellent. Thank you so much for your assistance.

Steve – Georgia

You guys are a breath of fresh air, all totally down to earth, sincere and trustworthy. Claire and I really look forward to working with you guys over the years and looking forward to coming and visiting you guys again… And seeing that big ole pig on the farm!

John J. – New Zealand

Just want to say thank you so much for taking your time in helping us with all your knowledge and information, we appreciate that your time is very valuable. THANK YOU

Roy – New York

Thank you for your informed and friendly assistance in my purchase.

Ann – Georgia

Thank you!! You do not know how much I appreciate your help.


Once I got started the training came back to me and con helped me with a few things! I am very excited to say the coogar is up and running and I just love it!!!! Like really really love it!!! Thank you so much I cannot thank you enough!

Ashlea Moorehead – Custom Corporate Candles

I have loved the melters you make. Excellent product!

Marsha – Texas

I can’t thank Justin, Laura and the whole team at Coogar enough for the kindness and support they have shown us since we first enquired about their products. Justin took the time to chat through our options for taking our business to the next level and recommended the best melter to meet our needs. Creating our candles has become an incredibly seamless production since receiving our first melter and we can’t wait to continue growing the business with Coogar in our corner!

Leann Rimes

Hi, My experience with Coogar has been nothing but amazing. They are the top company in this space. I wouldn’t do business with another filling machine company ever. The equipment is superior to every company out there. I bought it site unseen and the delivery set up & training were flawless. Super easy to use and begin making candles with. There really is no transition with moving from hand pouring to the coogar. You may if you wish to still hand pour some but really you just start making candles with your pumper. Once you have it you will understand. Go to you tube and search Coogar and watch the few videos. It really is that easy, no reason to overthink this. Let me know if there is anything else.


Hello from Germany,

Justin just asked to share our experience with his machines we have 3 machines which we bought a few years ago we use them in a industry process with one melter doing 7000 pieces a day working at a temperature of 86 degrees Celsius.

We have only needed a few spare parts and delivery from Justin was extremely fast. One of these melters has now done over 3.000.000 shots.

As we started out to find a wax melter, we bought 2 melters from another company which you have been looking at. To put it short, do not buy anything from this company. We had nothing but trouble burnt wax, the seals on the pumps melting, and the support was horrible. After a few months we took the machines to the junk yard and I got 30 Euros for the scrap metal.

We then got in touch with Justin, who then took the trouble to come to Germany to advice us the decision to buy these melters we have never regretted.

So make a wise decision!

Dennis – Smith Industries
Röntgenstr 1
23701 Eutin

I want to thank Justin, Laura and everyone at Coogar products for being so attentive to all of our needs. You hold true to your word in regards to the best quality machines, wax and stellar customer service. It’s a good feeling knowing we’re working with the best!

Thanks again Coogar team

Alex G. – Chicago Wax Hands

I have worked with Justin and also Justin’s dad before him for almost 20 years and can tell you that their equipment is the real deal. Most of my larger customers use the Coogar equipment and will not use anything else. I had one customer in the south pouring by hand, he bought a Coogar pumper, used it for 5 years and thought he was going to go “BIG TIME” and spent $150,000 on a large filler with conveyor system. He used the new filler system for 6 months and went back to using the 5 year old Coogar mark 5 and realized he had wasted a lot of time and money switching from the Coogar. The pumper and melters they make are safe and reliable. One pumper can replace a whole staff of people and it does the same pour at the proper mix to the same exact level every time every day. I can’t say enough good things about their equipment.

Steve Pollard –

I wouldn’t expect anything less from the Coogar family. That is why you are the best in the business. I am proud we are associated with Coogar products. We are a much more professional factory since our business partnership began. I personally have learned a lot from yourself and Scott. I am also proud to call you my friend. I will be in touch soon.

John – – Australia

Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the melter. It’s great, and has drastically increased production capacity. Real game changer. We look forward to doing more business as our company grows.

Ryan Shaw – Australia

As I started my work with the candle industry, I had a huge learning process to go through. My most dependable learning process was by talking to Scott Cooper, at times daily, about problems and quality issues. We only had one Coogar pumper at that time, but at no time were we treated like we were small. As my experience was growing I became aware that Coogar Products not only supply equipment but also shared their contacts, who were great in the candle industry. As we addressed our production issues our product quality improved as well as our output. We grew to the point of running eight Cougar pumpers twenty four hours a day. The Coogar equipment not only is dependable but still allows the hand poured atmosphere. With one hundred percent control of wax temperatures, wax volume as well as percentage of fragrance, the quality continued to improve. The best of both worlds is getting a hand poured product in a successful manufacturing environment. The Coogar equipment is very dependable and easy to maintain. Parts are always available and repairs are timely. When you have equipment from Coogar it is like having a partner in your business.

Jimmy Hendrick – MVP Pouring Facility – Kentucky

I simply must take this opportunity to tell all of your current and perspective customers how extremely happy we are with the Coogar Wax Hands Melter in our business! The machine is just fantastic and the customer service is also the same! We made the mistake of purchasing another machine from a company that promised to deliver excellence in customer service as well as reliability in its machinery. We found neither to be accurate within the first two months of ownership. It is quite difficult to know whom to trust as one embarks on a road less traveled, but in this endeavor, our business made the right choice in selecting a company that listens to its customers, provides EXACTLY what they are looking for, and will take the time to make sure that no question is unanswered and no request is too small to address. Thank you to Coogar Products from all of us who are working in this new art form as we plan to expand and recommend your company to others who are wise enough to search for the best, when ever they are in doubt!!

Mimi – Florida

We’ve all got the machine down and things are working much more smoothly. We poured 1/2 ounce wax chips! Oh boy does it make wax chips easier! Thanks for coming down and teaching us. We will be purchasing another machine this next year!

Brandy Sanders – The Candle Cafe

We bought our first MARK VII PUMPER about ten years ago. Three years later we bought two more machines. The machines have changed the way we produce candles completely. They are very reliable machines that are simple to use by our workers. They also are a great help when it comes to controlling raw material inventories and production output. Throughout the years we have always had excellent service from Coogar. I am convinced that if you are a manufacturer of scented candles, there is no better option. **done

Luis Guillermo Beuth – ILUMINATA S.A. Colombia

Coogar Products Mark VIII pumper has dramatically improved our companys productivity by speeding up our ability to pour our candles, and reducing the labor to do so. The Coogar Team provided excellent training on the machine, and has strongly supported us with additional help and problem solving as we have worked with the product. We strongly recommend the Mark VIII to all those who are looking to streamline their candle making process.

Liz Rowe – MGR Designs International

We use Coogar melters and pouring equipment in our pilot plant, it is the most consistent and efficient equipment that we have found on the market. Their designs, quality and service stands out for all the others out there. I highly recommend Coogar Products.

Scott Goebel – Nature’s Gifts International, LLC

After 5 years of using your equipment and services, we want to thank you for all your help and support . It‘s always great working with you, I highly recommend your products and services to everyone.

Yaarit and Ohad Tayeb – Wax Creation

Thanks for the chat and willingness to advise me, I didn‘t expect it, and I am very much grateful.

A Satisfied Customer – Uganda

The Coogar Mark VIII is fantastic! Our production quality and quantity has improved exponentially. The Coogar has turned the art of making candles into a serious business for us. Your personal follow up and training after the purchase has made this transition seamless and enjoyable. Our only regret is not buying the Coogar earlier.

The Rollers – John-Mark Candles

Thanks so much for your commitment and all you have done for our business.

John – Australia

About 18 months ago, I discovered the Coogar website. I contacted Scott & Justin, they were very passionate people and seemed very committed to their product. I purchased my first pumper. When it arrived, Scott and I hooked up on Skype and he taught me how to use it in less than an hour.The next day I put it to work on container line 1. As they say the rest is history…….. I had 12 people working on that line. Within 10 minutes I realised I had 8 people standing around doing nothing and I had to move them to another section. At the end of the day that particular line had produced just under 4000 container candles with only 4 people. Our previous record was 2100 with 12 people. I was also acutely aware that the area was clean. There was no wax on the floor. I tried to calculate the waste and it was to small to measure. Since then I have purchased another 5 machines making 6 in total. I use the in pillar making, containers, and votives. I intend to purchase another 4 -5 machines over the next couple of years. I have seen my waste drop from 17% to under 3%. Productivity is up dramatically and power consumption is significantly down. I could go on forever about these differences the machines make to our production methods and work flow but suffice to say we no longer lose money. In fact in the last 18 months I have reduced prices to the retail arm twice. Once by 10% and again by a further 15%. They are knocking on the door wanting another reduction this year and I believe I will be able to accommodate them.

John – Dusk – Australia

Thanks for meeting me in Penn Yan. I hope to set up and use the wax melter by the end of this week.

Mother B. – New York

We used the melter today and we are very happy with it, a job well done mate.

Tony – Australia

Thanks for the new machine. I love it!

Crissan – Texas

Thank you so much for the information, may GOD provide you customers from east, west, north and south of the globe due to your kindness. Thanks again with many blessings.

Emma – Pennsylvania

Thanks for all your help. I‘m looking forward to my first event. Everyone here is excited about the new machine.

Tom – Georgia

Love the melter!