Mixing Pumpers

Wax Pumps that Change the Game

Coogar Products offers a line of reliable and energy efficient wax mixing pumpers that can change the way you work. Pour large or small quantities precisely and accurately every time while mixing fragrance and dye at the time of the pour. You can up your pouring capabilities with this equipment, you can increase production, reduce waste, create higher-quality product and increase profit margins.

We’ve designed these wax pumps to help you produce more, faster, and with fewer people. We have seen companies reduce their turnaround time by up to 66% with just a few machines, and we’ll help you see similar results.

Better Efficiency and Better Results

A single person can operate a wax pouring machine, creating new efficiencies and opportunities to work according to your exact needs. Work in small batches or keep the wax pumpers working all day on the same project, whichever you need. We’ll help you create economic and efficient processes by providing:

  • Fast color, fragrance, and container changes
  • Lightweight designs that are fully insulated and cool to the touch
  • Wand dispensers that let you pour in precise, controlled ways
  • Options to work with paraffin, soy, vegetable, palm, beeswax, coconut wax, cosmetics and more
  • Machines that are easy to transport when necessary
  • 160lbs to 560lbs capacity

Add those features to the fast melt times, even heat, and sturdy construction, and you get a wax filling machine that is built to last and provide great, consistent results. You can even add precise amounts of wax, color, and fragrance as you pump, increasing your efficiency even more and ensuring the fragrance won’t evaporate before it has a chance to make it into the product.

“This robust equipment is one of the keys to our success and truly gives us an edge on our competitors,” one of our many valued clients explains who has been using Coogar Products’ equipment for over a decade. “From minimal fragrance burn off in the pumping machines to the rapid and energy efficient melting in the wax tanks, our processes rely heavily on their equipment. Our 11 machines run for more than 18 hours a day with minimal down time for preventative maintenance, allowing our operation to run smooth and efficient. When it comes to wax pumping and melting, there is really only one name we trust, Coogar.”

Products Commitment

We have more than 70 years of experience manufacturing quality wax pumping machines. More than that, we have built our reputation on supporting our customers throughout the entire process. We want to make sure you are getting the results you expect. We’ll help you get the right wax mixing pumper that has everything you need to consistently produce quality products. While the size may change, each model is safe, energy efficient, and able to help increase production.

Coogar Products is connected with all the major suppliers and we’re approved for sales in the European market. Take a look at our wax filling machines and contact us to learn more.

Wax Pumps

Standard Features

One Person Operation
Precision Mixing
Fast Color & Fragrance Changes
Fast Container Changes
Hand Poured
Solid State Controls
Use with paraffin, soy, or gel
Save up to 20% on fragrance cost
Fast Melt Times
Even Heat
Heavy Duty 304 Stainless Steel Construction
All Surfaces Insulated
Technical Support
Made in the USA
European Market Approved with CE Marking


CAPACITY: 160 lbs. 72 kg

DRY UNIT WEIGHT: 200 lbs. 91 kg

110v 16amps
240v 8amps

(Length x Width x Height)
48 x 20 x 30 in / 122 x 51 x 76 cm




CAPACITY: 520 lbs. 235 kg

DRY UNIT WEIGHT: 300 lbs. 136 kg

110v 16amps
240v 8amps

(Length x Width x Height)
67 x 25 x 32 in / 171 x 64 x 82 cm