Introduction to Coogar Products, LLC

When asked to write our company story, it caused us to think about what, you the customer, wanted to know about Coogar Products. Things like, can we trust these guys? Is the product advertised honestly? Are we really getting the best value? Will they stand behind their products? Will their products stand up to years of use? Will they be gone tomorrow, leaving us without customer support? Is the equipment safe? How will they respond if something breaks in the middle of our busiest time, or a large production run? What kind of support will they provide in other areas, other supplies, techniques etc.?

We all understand that things are very different in our present society. It’s not like it was when our grandfathers could do business on a handshake. Some businesses function with no ethics and/or no integrity; their only goal to extract as much money as possible from unsuspecting customers. To make finding reputable businesses even more difficult, along comes the internet where anybody can profess that theirs is the best, even instilling misconceptions in customers that everybody else makes unreliable and sometimes dangerous equipment. We receive calls often from the victims of other companies. We strongly recommend that you get references from their customers before you buy. If a company is not willing to provide references, ask yourself, why? If everything on a company’s website is on sale and always has been on sale, then that is not a sale. If you claim your candle pouring system is the next best thing to mom’s hot apple pie; why not provide a video of the equipment in actual production? We have actual credible references, that we encourage you to contact before doing business with us.

Company Story

With the goal of producing an operator-friendly unit; that would reduce wax waste and fragrance throw off that occurs in traditional wax batch mixing, we designed, and manufactured, what has now evolved into the Mark VIII Mixing Pumper. On average, one of our Mark VIII pouring systems replaces 4 to 5 handheld pouring systems sold by other companies. Additionally, our wax melters cost as much as 50% less than the competition, and carry a full one year warranty with a 99% customer satisfaction track record for the last 20 years. We must be doing something right.

When we discovered that Irene Dixon of Candle Maker Inc. at Edmonton Mall; Alberta Canada had bought a Mark VII mixing pumper that could not work for her application, we refunded her entire purchase price; three years after the sale.

When Dusk of Perth Australia needed to relocate their entire production facility in the middle of the Christmas production season, we flew to Perth to help them relocate their factory and we didn’t charge them a dime.

When MVP Group wanted to start producing candles we drove 900 miles to advise them on how to set up their candle factory and showed them how to pour their first candle.

When Archipelago Botanicals could not get their Mark VIII mixing pumper to work, we went to their factory to turn on a switch that their production manager claimed was on. (Hey, people have bad days). We live in Buffalo and they are in Los Angeles and we didn’t charge them a dime.

A candle company purchased a $35,000 filling system from another company. That filling system would not work and they would not refund the money. Steve finally called us, and bought a Coogar Mark VIII. We should note; his father in law had been telling him to buy a Coogar for years. And in the words of Mike Kittredge II, the founder of Yankee Candles, “Where were you 30 years ago?” The Mark VIII is a dual system that precisely heats the wax and accurately injects a mixture of fragrance and dye directly into the wax stream as it is dispensed. This self-contained unit, allows one person to operate a candle factory on wheels, that can out produce gravity fed lines. The Mark VIII dispenses the wax to within 99.85% of the intended weight/volume and the fragrance and dye to within one-tenth of a gram per candle. By introducing the fragrance and dye at the tip of the dispensing nozzle, the fragrance flash off is reduced to less than 2%. This unique design isolates the wax supply from the fragrance, thus, preventing contamination, and reducing waste to about a tablespoon. Finally, for the first time in the candle making industry, one operator can produce thousands of candles with 100% repeatability in less time than traditional methods, with greater cost effectiveness, and minimal loss of ingredients. As a result of the Mark VIII’s unique design, your company will benefit from reduced labor costs and improved quality control. Because of the unique design of the Mark VIII, the candle is still considered “hand poured” by a single operator producing the highest quality candles on the market today.

Coogar Products LLC., has also developed the best Wax Melters on the market. These melters utilize advanced, solid state digital temperature and safety controls, that are accurate to 1 degree of the set temperature, and prevents overheating, making them the safest most reliable and economical melters on the market today. Additionally, as part of our unique design, an integrated heated valve prevents wax from solidifying in the valve.

Customer Commitment

Because of our commitment to our customers, both current and future, Coogar Products’ complete product line has passed the rigors of the CE marking process, and we are proud to announce that all of our equipment has now been CE marked by a CE marking approved, independent, international CE evaluator. CE marking allows our customers worldwide to purchase our products with confidence, knowing that our truth in advertising, high quality, safe equipment, has been verified by an authorized, independent source.

It is our goal to maintain our reputation for integrity, quality products, reliable service and long term customer relationships. We build our equipment with quality and pride, because as our founder says, “Build it like you would buy it”.

We look forward to working with you!

Justin Cutten
Operations Manager