If you want to delve into the soapmaking process, there are a few things you’ll need to know what soap making equipment you’ll need and what the process entails. Here’s how to make liquid soap that your customers will love.

Liquid Soap Equipment You’ll Need

In order to get started making the perfect liquid soap, you’ll need to get the right soap making equipment. If you’re testing out a small batch at first, you’ll want to get a large stainless steel pot, a hand blender, and a large stainless steel spoon. Stainless steel is the best soap making equipment because it’s the one metal that won’t react with the lye and create a dangerous situation. For bigger batches at retail scale, you’ll want to invest in industrial-grade soap making equipment. As with any manufacturing process that involves ingredients like lye or scented oils, make sure you have the proper protective skin and eye equipment at the ready.

Making The Lye Solution

To make a basic lye solution, you’ll need water and lye. That’s it! It’s extremely important that you put on your protective equipment to prevent chemical burns. Once you have the correct ratio, let your solution settle for a few minutes. In a larger-scale operation, even for a small business, this process can be completed using your soap making equipment. Nonetheless, it’s crucial that you wear protective equipment at all stages of this process.

Final Soap Making Steps

Finally, add the lye solution to your heated oils — which should be between 110 and 140 degrees Celsius — and stir. For large batches, you’ll likely have an industrial-grade mixer to help you with this. For a smaller test batch, you can use a hand blender to make sure the solution is homogenous. After you’ve finished blending, your soap should be covered and left to sit undisturbed for at least 24 hours. When the time is up, remove the cover and give it a final stir by hand. You can mix colored dyes and scents in at this point. All that’s left is to test it out!

When you’re testing new liquid soap recipes, it’s a good idea to make small batches with your soap making equipment until you reach a product you can be proud of. Then you can take it all the way to your production facility and start sharing the soap you’ve made. If you’d like to learn more about what soap making equipment could help you get started on this journey, don’t hesitate to contact Coogar Products today.