If you’re in the soap and detergent business, you’re in a lucrative industry, and you can reap big from the market if you make the right products that address your customers’ pain points. Today, over 42% of women aged 18 and above say that they prefer natural beauty products over synthetic ones. As a soap maker, you have to make top-quality soaps with natural scents to meet this demand. To do this, you need a good wax melting machine.

Hence, you must know how to select the best commercial wax melters for your soap-making business. These tips will help you select the right wax melting machines.

1. Consider the Capacity of the Wax Melters

The capacity of your wax melters will vary depending on how much product you want to make. If you’re looking to manufacture soap in bulk, you’ll need large wax melters that will allow you to work in large batches. This way, you can produce your soap in large batches using one wax melting machine. Good thing industrial wax melters come in different capacities. You’ll find 400-gallon, 250-gallon, and 200-gallon wax melters from a soap equipment supplier near you. With a 400-gallon wax melter, you can make soap in bulk while keeping production costs at a minimum.

If you just started your small soap-making business, a smaller wax melting machine will fit the bill. It may not be financially viable to invest in a large wax melting machine when you’re just getting started. Instead, you should consider buying a smaller wax melter, like a 25 gallon, a 60-gallon or 100-gallon wax melter. This will help you reduce your overall production costs and still produce high-quality soap that your customers want.

2. Select an Energy-Efficient Wax Melting Machine

Energy cost is one of the highest recurrent costs in a soap-making business. If you’re not careful in your production operations, these energy costs can add up fast and increase your production costs substantially. It comes down to your selection of wax melters. Ideally, you should prioritize the wax melters that are more energy efficient. You know that a commercial wax melter is power-efficient if it uses direct heat technology over indirect heat technology.

Wax melters that use direct heat technology have fast melt times. This enables the machine to heat the wax fast and thereby use less energy. For instance, the power consumption of a 400-gallon wax melter that uses direct heat technology is 240v 24amps. A similar wax melting machine using indirect heating technology may use up to 30% more power than ours. Additionally, the best wax melters are insulated using high-density fiberglass.

3. Go for the Wax Melters with a Warranty

Quality wax melters don’t come cheap. Wax melting machines are some of the most expensive soap-making equipment you need in your business. Especially if you’re making soap in large quantities, you cannot operate without a large wax melter. Even when you buy used cosmetics-making equipment, you’ll still have to pay top dollar for them.

The only way you can guarantee that your soap equipment will function optimally is by buying from reputable cosmetic machinery suppliers who will offer you a warranty. Typically, the top dealers may issue a full-year warranty for their soap equipment for sale. Also, such dealers will offer installation and training services. This way, your cosmetic manufacturing equipment will operate perfectly, and your workers will know how to operate and maintain the equipment professionally. Ultimately, you’ll get a better ROI when you buy top-quality wax melters with a product warranty.

For you to succeed in the soap and detergent industry, you must invest in the best soap-making equipment. Quality soap-making equipment will allow you to make soap in bulk without inflating your production costs. The above-discussed tips will help you select the best wax melting machine for your soap-making operations. Fortunately, you’ll find a reliable cosmetic machinery supplier near you who will supply you with high-grade wax melters.