Nothing quite sets a warm, welcoming ambiance like the beautiful glow of candles. As the owner of a cosmetics company, you need to understand how today’s consumers are using candles in more versatile, creative ways throughout their living spaces. This way, you can understand how best to serve your target audience’s needs with Coogar Products’ high-end wax melting equipment. Here are four popular applications for candlelight you need to know.

1. Elevated Tabletops With Twinkling Accents

Tabletops are a classic spot to artfully incorporate candles into dining and living rooms. Paired pillars and rounds of varying heights in decorative holders set a lovely mood over meals and gatherings. Clustered tea lights or votives in glass vessels create twinkling accents and visual depth.

2. Illuminated Outdoor Spaces With Weatherproof Style

Candlelight isn’t just for indoors anymore. Now, consumers use weather-resistant containers to adorn and illuminate covered patios, porches, garden seating areas, and more with a warm, welcoming glow. Positioned hurricane lamps or rustic lanterns along walkways gently light the way for guests. Melted soy wax fills paper luminaries that line staircases and garden paths for an ethereal ambiance.

3. Pampered Bedroom Sanctuaries

Relaxing, spa-like oases in bedrooms are created with strategic candle placement. A trio of swirling pillar candles soothe the senses while reading before bedtime. A pair of broad pillars placed atop the dresser assigns a serene focal point, while a wax melter to liquefy candles into massage oil offers ambiance for a pampering at-home spa treatment.

4. Enhanced Aromatherapy

According to the National Candle Association, 90% of candle users say they use candles as a way of making a room feel comfortable or cozy. With Coogar’s wax melting equipment, you create products that offer aromatherapy benefits through essential oil infusions. Your consumers will love lighting eucalyptus-mint candles in a diffuser to clear sinuses during the cold season. On the other hand, bergamot and lavender candles help create tranquility and reduce stress.

Today’s consumers creatively use candles far beyond basic lighting to enhance their living space. With help from innovative melting equipment and fragrant varieties, they incorporate beautiful candles to set a warm ambiance indoors and out. In fact, styled candle accents take home decor to the next level. With the right wax melting equipment from Coogar Products, your business can make candles that consumers want to buy time and time again. Reach out to us today to purchase all the equipment your company requires.