Industrial candle manufacturers must invest in quality candle making equipment to succeed in a competitive market. Wax melters are some of the must-have equipment thus, you should only invest in the best wax melter.

One of the highest initial costs of setting up a commercial candle-making factory is buying the equipment. You need to carefully select all your tools of the trade, to ensure that you get maximum utility from your equipment and also decrease your maintenance and operational costs. Quality wax melting equipment will not only help you increase production, but also ensure that the final quality of your candle is above industry-standards.

Utilizing the best wax melter in your daily candle production will ease the manufacturing process and keep you ahead of your competitors. However, besides investing in a quality wax melting machine, you also need to ensure that you work with the top quality wax. Having the best quality of wax is very crucial as it will affect the whole production process. Additionally, you should have top quality wicks, molds in different designs, scales, and thermometers. When these and other equipment combine to work with the best wax melter, the result is a top-quality candle that consumers will want to buy.

More often, the machinery in your factory accounts for more than half of the initial startup costs. Wax melters are affordable but not cheap. You do not want to replace an industrial wax melter now and then because you initially made a poor choice when buying the wax melter. The more reason why you need to buy only the best wax melter in the market. Annually, retail sales of candle products in North America are estimated to be around $3.14 billion. Therefore, you need to be well-equipped with the best wax melter to be among the top market-players.

Here are more benefits of investing in the best wax melter.

1. More Than One Choice

Commercial wax melters are typically classified under two categories, direct heating, and water jacket heating. Water jacket melters utilize water in the heating process. On the other hand, direct heat melters utilize a heating element that heats the wax Both melters heat substances to 250 °F, but the water jacket melters consume more electricity than direct heat melters.. And direct heat melters have no limit on size. Before settling on any wax melter, ensure that it will meet your manufacturing needs without any inconveniences. You will be in a better position to make the right choice when you take enough time to research before settling on any wax melter.

2. Low Maintenance Costs

The best wax melters will give you service for long without the need for maintenance. You only need to conduct routine maintenance, such as cleaning. When working optimally, commercial wax melters will help you double up on production, with little to zero downtime.

3. Safe Working Environment

Coogar Products wax melters are insulated, hence reducing burn accidents in the factory. Furthermore, this saves energy as less energy is lost and more used in the production process. Additionally, wax melters are made into different sizes, which makes it possible to fit them in tight spaces. When you have limited space in your factory, wax melters will come in handy. Besides helping you utilize your space best, it will be safe for your workers to work around them.

4. Even Melting

Coogar Products wax melters keep the wax evenly melted, thus reducing the viscosity levels of the wax. When your wax attains a uniform low viscosity, it is easier for you to mix, decorate, and properly adjust the wicks. Uniform viscosity makes the production process faster and easier.

Coogar melters will help you produce the best candles in the market. Today, consumers are scrutinizing and comparing the quality of products, and only settle for the best. Why not then make the highest quality candles by utilizing the best wax melters?