Getting a wax mold of one’s hand(s) has become a popular experience at fairs, parties and community events. The process of dipping one’s hand in wax is fun and the resulting souvenirs are unique and make for tangible, sentimental memories.

Those getting molds of their hands can often choose the wax colors as well as the shape and gesture of their hand that will be immortalized.

While the most common hand position is the one with all five fingers extended, customers aren’t limited to this gesture.

Below is a list (though not exhaustive) of possible hand gestures one can try out using the wax hands equipment:

One Hand Gestures

  • Peace Sign (or the “V” Victory Sign)
  • Rock on Sign
  • I Love You (in sign language) Sign
  • The “OK” Sign
  • The #1 Sign
  • Hang Loose/Hang Ten Sign
  • Thumbs Up Sign
  • Crossed Fingers
  • Shooting Sign. The thumb and index are extended with the other fingers curled into the palm. The hand is turned horizontally.
  • Star Trek Vulcan Salute
  • Scout’s Salute. The index, middle and ring fingers are extended upward and held together while the thumb and little finger are curled under, against the palm and each other.
  • A Fist
  • A Claw. The fingers are spread out and bent and curled forward.
  • The “Stop” Sign.

Two-Hand Gestures

  • Praying (two hands)
  • Heart Shapewax hands heart
  • Holding Hands
  • Winner “W” Sign
  • Triangle Outline. The tips of the thumbs are touching as well as the tips of the index fingers. The two hands are tilted diagonally towards each other. The other fingers can either be extended or held together.
  • Hands Facing Each Other, Fingertips Touching. This the position you’d make if you were holding a small ball between your hands.
  • A Bird or a Butterfly. Interweave the thumbs and extend the other fingers out to create the “wings.”

Again, this is just a small list of the hand gestures you can make and have captured with hands of wax. Hopefully this list got you thinking about what kind of unique (and appropriate, of course) hand gestures you can have done with your hand (or hands) of wax.

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