Special events or occasions in which a lot of people get together for some fun activities are the perfect places to set up a wax hands machine and get everyone involved. Making these little keepsakes is a fun and memorable experience and something everyone can participate in.

Any hand position can be captured in this wax, and you can even hold various objects to create something really unique or relevant tcoogar wax hands hang looseo the event.

Our hands of wax machines are easy to use in large or small settings, so whether it’s a cozy get-together or a major company event, you can provide a fun way to make some unique items

These machines are designed to work fast and remain completely safe – even with little children hanging around. They also come in a number of sizes so you can include a wide range of colors to match the situation or just to provide a lot of great options.

Here are a few ideas on some possibilities for making hands of wax at different events:

Birthday Parties and Bat/Bar Mitzvahs – Kids really enjoy getting involved with projects like this. There is something about creating an item that they can take home and keep that fills them with interest and excitement. You can use colors that match the theme of the party, and a simple stamp or carving while the wax is still soft can mark it as something that was made on this special occasion.

College/University Events – Whether it’s before the big game or celebrating homecoming or the impending spring break, university and college campuses often have events to build school spirit and create great memories. They are the perfect place to create a unique keepsake.

Festivals/Carnivals – There’s something about wandering around a festival or carnival that makes people want to try something new. You can complete a wax hand in less than a couple minutes, so people who are just stopping by out of curiosity won’t have any reason not to try it out.children at carnival with wax hands

Weddings – Wax hands that are holding other wax hands make wonderful tokens that guests can take home. Or maybe instead you can make a wax hand that’s holding onto a rose or small bouquet. There are a lot of possibilities here.

Corporate Events – Much like the university events, you can use brand colors to create some items that people will remember for a long time. You could even stamp them with a company logo or have a hand holding items that represent your products and services.wax hands peace sign - corporate event

Summer Camps – These hands of wax machines can be transported to different locations where they can be easily set up and taken down for temporary events. Summer camp is already a memorable experience for most kids. Helping them make these unique creations will give them even more to enjoy.

Some Tips for Great Results

We’ve discussed how to make wax hands before, but here we’ll talk about a few more simple tips you can use to get the best results at all those events.

Preparing the hand – Before you start dipping hands into the wax, first dip it in soapy ice water.  This will make removal much easier.

Dipping – With Coogar’s custom blended wax, our hands can be made in 3 to 4 dips to get a good, solid result. The first dip should go just above your wrist line, and every subsequent dip should stay below that.young girl dipping hand in wax hands tank

Pulling off the wax hand – Always use gentle pressure. You can dip the hand in water up to the knuckles to help the fingers and thumb harden so it’s easier to slide your hand out without disturbing them. If you have some difficulty managing it, try poking some small holes in the fingertips to release some of the suction.

Holding an object – If you’d like the final result to be holding some kind of an object, start the process like you normally would, but before you remove the wax hand, grab the object and dip both the hand and the object in the clear wax to seal it in place. Then dip it in the water to harden and remove it as normal.

Finishing touches – You can pinch off any dripping between dippings, and while the wax is still soft you can use your fingers to smooth out any bumps or tears. Then after you’re happy with the shape and color, dip the open wrist end of the wax hand back into the warm wax to loosen it up a bit so you can form it into a level base.

Once you’re happy with the shape, color, and texture, dip it in the water one last time to help the wax harden and then let it air dry.

Just like that, the people at your event or activity will have their very own unique item that they can take home to commemorate the occasion.

Get Started

Wax Hands Equipment

If you’re ready to get started making unique wax hands, you’ll need the right equipment. Head over to the machine page to read about what this machine can do for you.