Making wax hands is a fun activity for all ages and all events, including birthday parties, corporate events, and carnivals. You can make wax hands for fun decorations or for keepsakes. You can even make candles from wax hands. The possibilities are endless, but how exactly do you go about making wax hands? The process is relatively simple, and you’ll want to make sure you’re following the right steps in order to make the best product possible.

The Right EquipmentWax Hands Equipment

Before you start producing wax hands, you will need the proper equipment. When working any event, small or large, make sure you have the proper wax hand equipment from Coogar Products.
Wax hand machines are an all-in-one solution for small or large events, because they often have multiple vats so you can offer a wider variety of colors. These machines are able to melt the wax and keep its temperature consistent so you can stay operating through the entire event. They are also designed to be easily transported for those in the rental business. They have lock down shipping lids, so the wax doesn’t spill out and heavy duty wheels to make getting it around easy.
When you shop for a wax hands machine, make sure you purchase from a retailer that offers a solid warranty and good support in case you run into problems during operation. You will also want to purchase from a retailer that keeps safety in mind when it comes to building these machines, especially since children will be using them. One safety feature that remains important is insulation so the machines exterior stays cool to the touch, but the wax vats stay heated.
Coogar Products uses a special blend of wax that was formulated just for the wax hands. We also carry all supplies for the wax hand equipment.

Making the Hands
Before you get to the day, you will want to be prepared with the wax you want and the equipment working properly. Plan ahead to make sure you have enough wax to create hands for all those attending your event. During the day, be sure to start preparation early so the wax is melted and ready before people arrive at the venue.
The actual process of making wax hands is relatively easy. All you need to do is use soapy ice water. This helps the wax slide off your hand after it has dried. Dip your hand in the soapy water first then dip it into the wax. Choose a hand position at the beginning and keep that position through the entire process. Dip your hand several times in the clear wax, as the entire mold will need several layers to keep its form. Try not to dip past the base of your hand, as it will be easier to remove.
Once you have dipped your hand several times, remove it from the wax and gently loosen the mold using your pinky finger. Before taking the wax hand off, smooth any bumps or irregularities while the wax is still soft. Remove the hand and cool it in the water.

Have Fun
Making wax hands is fun, so be sure to make the experience fun for everyone in attendance. Try to make crazy and unusual molds. You can even hold a contest for the most unusual wax hand. Owning a wax hands machine can become a great investment for future parties, especially if people had fun with during the first time. You may even be able to create a business creating wax hands. In the end, it’s a fun and profitable pastime for any event.