200 Gallon

If your candle or soap business can’t seem to keep up with demand, this massive 200-gallon wax melter should do the job. Like the smaller, 100-gallon melter, this 200-gallon melter can be used as either a bulk tank or a large batch tank.  Our 200-gallon melter can hold a whopping 1500 pounds of wax that can yield 187 8-ounce candles, and 300-375 bars of soap.

The 200-gallon melter has a power consumption of 240 volts, or 16 amps and measures 76 in. x 41 in. x 27 in.

With great capacity, this is the workhorse of the Coogar MELTER line. It can be used as either a large batch tank or as a bulk tank. Using our advanced direct heat technology, this is the safest, most power efficient melter of its size available.

(Optional Stainless Steel Sides)

200 gallon melter without stainless steel


Standard Features

Fast Melt Times
Even Heat
Heavy Duty 304 Stainless Steel Contruction
Heated Pouring Valve
Low Operating Cost
Easy Operation
All Surfaces are Insulated
Technical Support
Made in the USA
European Market Approved with CE Marking


1500 lbs. / 680 kg.


250 lbs / 113 kg.


240v 16amps

OVERALL DIMENSIONS(Length x Width x Height)

76 x 41 x 27 in
193 x 104 x 69 cm