The Mark VIII CE is a very versatile machine. With the size of this machine it is very easy to maneuver around tight corners. You can take your existing work space and maximize your production with it. You don’t need to buy a bigger building to purchase it. We have seen these machines operated everywhere from garages, pool houses, spare bedrooms, and basements to large scale production floors.

Pouring Capabilities

22oz (624g) Candle – 8 Seconds per fill

420 per hour

16oz (454g) Candle – 6 Seconds per fill

600 per hour

8oz (227g) Candle – 3 Seconds per fill

1,200 per hour

4oz (114g) Candle – 2 Seconds per fill

1,800 per hour

The per hour is based on a non stop run which the machine never stops for that hour. From the fill time you can get a rough idea of what can be produced per day by doing the math. The problem that most customers have is that they usually don’t have enough table space or enough wickers or packaging people to keep up or stay ahead of the machine.

Standard Features

One Person Operation
Precision Mixing
Fast Color & Fragrance Changes
Fast Container Changes
Hand Poured
Solid State Controls
Use with paraffin, soy, or gel
Save up to 20% on fragrance cost
Fast Melt Times
Even Heat
Heavy Duty 304 Stainless Steel Construction
All Surfaces Insulated
Technical Support
Made in the USA
European Market Approved with CE Marking


160 lbs. 72 kg


200 lbs. 91 kg


110v 16amps
240v 8amps

OVERALL DIMENSIONS(Length x Width x Height)

48 x 20 x 41.5 in
122 x 51 x 106 cm