As a professional in the cosmetics field, you understand that making candles and soaps that contain fragrances can help boost the moods of your customers. In fact, fragrance is a key component of making candles and soaps! Here’s what you need to know to improve your company’s candle line.

Scientific Proof

The olfactory system, or your nose and its sensors, is situated near the brain’s limbic system. It is thought that scents become memories, and the limbic system of the brain is associated with emotions and memories. In other words, what you smell can be mood-defining.

A familiar or pleasant scent can evoke pleasant memories. An entire science is built on scents! Aromatherapy is known as the practice of smelling different scents to invoke different feelings. There is a large body of evidence that what we smell plays an important role in our mood.

Pleasurable Scents

Certain scents can deliver feelings of pleasure simply because they smell good. Of course, individual preference plays a role in which scents are pleasurable. However, exposure to these scents can boost someone’s mood.

For example, vanilla is one of the most popular scents. The smell of vanilla can conjure up images of baked goods and help the user relieve fond memories, improving your mood. Scents are powerful!

Energizing and Calming Scents

Some fragrances are uplifting and can energize a user. For example, citrus scents are associated with motivation and energy and can invigorate the user. If someone is feeling tired or down, a lovely lemon, orange, or grapefruit scent can get them back up and moving.

At the other end of the spectrum are scents that can calm and relax the user. Lavender is a great scent for calming the system. In fact, VeryWell Mind states that this particular scent can help lower one’s blood pressure, calm one’s nervous system, and even improve one’s mood.

According to Fragrance Explorers, about 71% of perfume wearers report looking for a fragrance with mood-boosting qualities. Therefore, choosing the right fragrances when making candles will elevate your cosmetics line. Additionally, remember that it is essential to have the right candle-making tools. Working with a trusted supplier can improve your products significantly and ensure your customers are graced with fantastic scents. Learn more about the supplies that will improve your candle line by contacting our experienced team at Coogar Products, LLC today!