With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, now is the time to consider various scents for making candles. With candle products having retail sales of approximately $3.14 billion in the United States annually, according to the National Candle Association, there are endless candle scents and combinations. With this considered, a few are especially popular for this holiday dedicated to love: rose, cashmere, lilac, vanilla, and chocolate. Read below to review these iconic candle fragrances and explore which ones your customers may like most.


With the bundles and bundles of roses sold on Valentine’s Day, creating a candle with this scent is a must. Unlike fresh flowers, which will wither with time, the candle will give off a refreshing and floral fragrance to enjoy in the weeks following the holiday. Plus, the traditional red or pink color of this scented candle will ensure the gift is festive for the holiday.


Cashmere is a warm and musky scent. The cozy accents meet the spiced undertones, which makes this the perfect candle for those who don’t like strong, perfumed fragrances. The romanticism of cashmere will pair well with the holiday dedicated to romance.


For those who want a floral-scented candle to give as a Valentine’s Day gift but don’t particularly like roses, a lilac-scented candle might be just the ticket. The floral and refreshing fragrance can’t be missed. Plus, the vibrant and fresh smell of the candle ensures it can be lit in the future to enjoy during the upcoming months to welcome in the spring season as well.


While vanilla is a typical scent when making candles, the demand will increase even more during Valentine’s Day with its comforting and cozy smell. The vanilla fragrance will be especially adored during cold nights with its snug and homey ambiance that it can give off. Plus, the creamy white color of this candle will pair well with a dozen fresh red roses as a gift.


It’s no secret that Valentine’s Day is famous for its delicious chocolatey treats. In light of this known fact, making a candle scented like chocolate will be perfect. The rich and mouth-watering smell will be enjoyed by many. The comforting fragrance of chocolate will also be a special nod to the spirit of the holiday of love.

The possible scents for making candles for Valentine’s Day are endless, but the five mentioned above should give some direction. To move forward, review this list and consider which ones you and your clients will love most! Get in touch with us today if you need any machinery to make candles for your business.