According to the National Candle Organization, the U.S. candle-producing industry sells more than 1 billion pounds of wax in its products each year! If you are a candle producer, you may be wondering how the best wax melters work to help make your candles’ scent stand out from the rest. Starting with the best wax melters provides a good foundation for your candles, and for most people, the fragrance is the most important part of any great candle. Let’s dig into the ways that Coogar Products works to add great fragrance to candles.

The Temperature Is Important

It’s a common thought in the candle-making industry that soy wax needs to be heated to 185 degrees. This is not always the case! It’s also important to remember that the heat will undoubtedly affect the fragrance. The longer fragrance is under heat it evaporates, scent comes from the fragrance throw-off. You need to consider ambient temperature and even humidity! With the correct temperature, you’ll find that Coogar products help you maintain the candle you desire.

The Pour Is Important

The temperature of the wax is not the only variable to consider when making candles. It’s all about trial and error when you’re pouring candles with different substances and fragrances. With the Mixing Pumpers from Coogar, your pour can be precise down to the gram, making it easy to replicate or slightly alter your pouring in a second production run. When pouring, keep in mind that our products are meant to hold heat, not lose it. Keep track of your pour temperature and ambient temperature, this will result in a candle that you’re happy with.

Other Important Factors

In addition to pouring and temperature, make sure that you understand the ingredients of your candle! Things can change depending on if you’re working with summer scents, florals, or earthy scents. Soy wax is one component that is known to be affected by temperature, so keep this in mind. Make sure to record all the different variables for each individual type of candle to get the desired candle. Always test each lot of wax, wicks, and fragrance before a production run.

If you want to grow your candle business, Coogar Products, LLC has everything you need. Check out the best wax melters out there to purchase efficient candle-making equipment so you can create more candles to brighten your customers’ days!