Pretty much anything is up for debate, including the health qualities of burning candles. The U.S. retail sale of candle products is estimated at approximately $3.14 billion annually, according to This means that there are a lot of candles being burned on a daily basis, but are they bad for your health? This is a popular myth that we are happy to bust. Keep reading to learn more.

The Myth: Burning Candles is Bad for Your Health

Candles have been used for centuries for light and several other purposes. Candles play a big part in many ancient religious ceremonies, as well as spiritual practices. These types of all-natural candles aren’t really the subject of this myth, but rather scented candles that have additives in the wax. Wax melting equipment can be used to make natural and scented candles. Scented candles are a very popular home item and some people rely heavily on scented candles to keep their homes smelling nice and to even aid in relaxation. The premise of the myth is that when the candles are burned, the additives in the candles are being wafted into the air of your home and then being inhaled. If these ingredients aren’t all-natural, the premise is that they could be harmful to your health.

The Myth Busted

Research conducted by the EPA found that although candles do indeed release chemicals, these chemicals aren’t being released in amounts that are harmful to humans. During studies, a computer model was used to evaluate the health effects of exposure to the chemicals that are emitted from scented candles. It was concluded, that when used in normal amounts, these chemicals in these amounts cannot harm humans.

How to Avoid Harm

When manufacturing your candles, use only high-quality tools, including wax-melting equipment. Also, be sure to thoroughly understand the chemicals you’re adding to your candles. This will ensure consumers who purchase your product stay safe. Research appropriate ratios for everything you decide to add.

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