Coogar in Europe!

Do you need a Coogar in the UK or France or Spain?  We can help you!

We have partnered with Candle Shack as our European Distributor.  If you are in the UK or Europe, we are happy to let you know we can support your needs more effectively.

Candle Shack is a luxury candle manufacturer and supplier of candle making supplies and equipment. Established in 2010, the business remains family owned and is based at West Carron Works in central Scotland. All candle manufacturing takes place here, where state of the art technology and artisan craftsmanship combine to produce candles for some of the worlds leading luxury brands. This is also the home of our R&D laboratory and engineering division, where innovations such as EcoSystem wax and iMelt heating vessels were developed and are still produced.

Coogar Products has achieved and maintains CE Marking and compliance with all relevant EU directives so we can deliver our machines to end-users anywhere in the European Union.

This also means that our customers can confidently purchase their equipment, knowing that it has gone through stringent testing and analysis to ensure you will receive safe and reliable products.

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