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candle filling machines

Boost Candle Production With Coogar Fragrance Candle Filling Machines

Whether you’re a large candle manufacturer or a small mom and pop outfit, you’re probably aware of how messy, and time consuming filling fragranced container candles can be. The process can also be inefficient and waste a lot of product. Raising prices on your finished products and doing other cost-cutting measures such as maintaining a small staff are your only options to make a profit and offset the production costs of your candles. The two traditional ways of filling candles with fragrance are listed below. Both are expensive and produce a lot of waste which is costing your business valuable dollars.

  • Fill by hand. This is the most common method. It is flexible, but it is expensive and hard to control quality, production and amount of waste.
  • Fill by using an automatic filing line with mixing tanks. The machines and equipment are expensive and the quality and efficiency are still subpar.

What if there was a way for you to make your candle making passion a successful business with high profit margins? Looking at the traditional options for fragrant candle making you may think that is wishful thinking. How can I get a profit if the method and equipment needed to make the candles is expensive and inefficient?

Not all candle making machines are big and bulky, inefficient and expensive. The Coogar machines have many advantages over the two previously ways of making fragrant candles. The Coogar machines use reliable and energy efficient mixing pumpers. With this equipment, you can fill your fragrance candles while reducing waste, increasing production and quality and increase your profit margin.

The Coogar Difference

The Coogar wax pumps to help you produce more, faster, and with fewer people. This means that even the smallest outfits can produce large batches of scented candles. Want more reasons why this method could best benefit your profit margin? Here they are:

  • The perfume is not mixed into the hot wax until immediately before filling. This helps prevent the loss of valuable fragrance top-notes.
  • You are not limited to production qualities. You can make as much or as little as you want. The machines are capable of making batches as small as 20 units and as large as 2,000 units of each fragrance.
  • You can quickly and easily change fragrances with very little product loss.
  • The temperature control is accurate and keeps the temperature constant.
  • The fill accuracy and mix ratio is also accurate and consistent, meaning you don’t have to try and guess the right measurements.
  • The machines are fast, being able to pump over 9 pounds per minute.
  • Wand dispensers that let your pour in precise, controlled ways.
  • Allows you to work with paraffin, soy, vegetable, palm, beeswax, and cosmetics.
  • The machines can hold 160lbs to 560lbs.

The next time your company is preparing for another round of fragrant candle batches, you could do the slow, expensive and wasteful way by either doing it by hand or by inefficient machines. The Coogar machines will help boost your profit margins by allowing you to produce more, high-quality candles with less man power and waste. The savings will help your passion for candle making become a thriving, successful business.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]