Heated Wax DispenserThere are a range of wax dispensing systems for industrial or commercial usage, and it’s important to understand the different characteristics of each in order to get the right dispenser for your needs.
Everything from the size of the reservoir to the type of pouring valve can impact your production process, so you can get started by understanding the different characteristics of the many models that are available.

What Physical Characteristics Do You Need?
While there are some difference between the various mixers and pumpers that can be used to dispense wax, there are some basic characteristics that you should look for.
The most effective wax dispensers should be able to provide:
• Fast melt times over even heat
• Heavy-duty steel construction that provide better thermal control
• Energy efficient designs that keep operating costs low
• A heated pouring valve
There are also several options that will depend on the type of project you are pursuing, such as the wide range of reservoir sizes. You can get up to 400-gallon melters when you need some bulk storage solutions, or you can go with something smaller when you are working in smaller batch pours.
The actual dispenser is, of course, a critical component of pouring smoothly and dispensing an accurate amount of wax. A heated pouring valve ensure that you can dispense as much as needed without causing any clogs. There are also a number of different tools available, including hand-pouring options that use a lightweight, easy-to-use wand that dispenses all you need at the touch of a button.

Effective Usage
Always follow the instructions for your individual model, but in general there are some guidelines that will ensure your dispensers are providing effective results.
First, don’t use the systems without the appropriate amount of wax in the reservoir. You should also maintain everything in reasonably clean conditions, but never use abrasives to clean out the interior of the wax dispenser.
You also shouldn’t operate the tap to dispense the wax before it reaches the right temperature, and always make sure you’re using it in a stable and level location.

Different Options for Different Projects
Your production process will determine the type of melter and dispenser you should use.
Batch pumpers are the best option when you are working with large batches that don’t require mixing but still need the speed and precision of the mixing pumper. A mixing pumper, on the other hand, allows you to dispense large or small quantities precisely while mixing fragrance and dye at the time of the pour. This can make things run a lot faster and provide great results without bottlenecking at the mixing phase. These types of mixing pumpers can outperform most multi-head gravity fill systems and do it more reliably and cost effectively.
Other components will depend on your project. Whether you need fast container changes when you want to switch colors or mixes or a huge reservoir for extended work, we have the dispensers you need.