What Equipment You Need to Start Making Candles


The candle making industry is one of the largest industries in the United States. With over $2 billion of revenue in the candle industry, it should come as no surprise that seven out of ten households use candles. With so much money involved in the business, you may be interested in starting your own candle making company.

Starting any company can be a complicated and extensive process, and the same goes for candle making companies. However, making candles requires special equipment and facilities to house that equipment. So, where do you start if you have no past experience with producing candles? The equipment you need is one of the most important factors in the whole process, which is why you might want to start there.

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In order to make candles, you’ll need to start with wax. If you’re not making your own wax, you’ll purchase it from a wax supplier. This wax is delivered to you in solid form, which means you’ll need to melt it down in order to pour it into your custom molds.

Wax melters come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and choosing which size you need will depend on how many candles you plan on producing. Regardless of the type of wax melter you purchase, there are several features your melter should have.

First of all, the melter should be easy to operate, especially if you don’t have any experience using this kind of machinery. Your melter should also provide direct and even heat so your wax stays consistent at all times without any burning. The best melters provide insulated surfaces to lower operating costs, as well as heated pouring valves so you can pour without clogging due to wax solidifying.

Candle Wax Filling Machines

After you’ve melted the candle wax, you need a way to pour it into whatever kind of container you are using for your candles. Candle filling machines also come in a variety of sizes, depending on how many candles you’re planning on making, but one of the most important features of the machine you buy should be independent operation. You often start your business by yourself, and having a reliable candle pouring machine that you can operate yourself can help you kickstart your company. Also, the equipment you purchase should be sturdy in construction and made with safety in mind.

Buying Reliable Products

Candle making equipment like candle filling machines and candle wax melters can be expensive, so you’ll want to make sure you buy reliable products. You don’t want to get a few months into your business and start growing, only to have your equipment fail. As you’re shopping for equipment, try to find a retailer that stands behind their product with warranties and technical support. Good support can make a world of different if you run into troubles with your candle filling machinery.