The beauty industry is more involved with manufacturing than you might imagine. According to NCBI, 42% of women over the age of 18 said that they would go for natural beauty products over more synthetic versions. Apart from the actual products, manufacturers are also looking into different ways of packaging and distributing their products. That’s where lotion dispensers come in. But why is a lotion dispenser important?

Excellent Solution for High Viscosity Products

Lotion dispensing machinery makes for an ideal packaging solution when dealing with high-viscosity liquids. The pump on the dispenser eliminates the mess like so many high-viscosity lotions. All liquids can be dispensed neatly from the bottom of the container into the desired packaging or into the hands of the consumer. This makes things very convenient. However, you have to ensure that you find the dispensing machinery that matches the viscosity of your lotion. This is when you should contact a manufacturer to ask them about the packaging you need for your products.


Another reason why you may want to invest in good lotion dispensing machinery is that it makes things very convenient. Lotion pumps can be used with one hand, even if the operator is holding something else in the other hand. The product can be applied directly to the hand, or it can be transferred to another container with less hassle. Lotion dispensing machinery can also dispense evenly metered and clean liquid products or emulsions.


The price of even the best lotion dispensing machinery is relatively low. This makes things better for both cosmetic manufacturers and consumers. It’s a huge advantage to be able to buy lotion dispensers at an affordable price. You’ll also find that lotion pumps reduce the wastage of products. They dispense a calculated amount of lotion. The good thing is the bottles can be refilled when the product is exhausted.

Lotion dispensing machinery is suitable for a variety of applications. It can be used for cosmetics, hair care products, household products, chemical products, pharmaceuticals, and a variety of other products. Apart from that, the dispenses come in different sizes that can be chosen according to product quantity, bottle size, and other characteristics. Are you looking for lotion dispensing machinery? Look no further. Get in touch with Coogar Products, LLC today with any questions you may have.