The list of candle and soap scents is nearly endless and constantly growing. However, there is one scent that reigns supreme. According to Statista, as of 2022, the leading scent for candles was vanilla, with approximately 11% of the market share. Why is vanilla so beloved? A combination of indisputable factors has led to its monumental reputation. This article explains some of the reasons for vanilla’s enduring popularity.

A Perfect Partner

Simply put, a vanilla candle filling can easily pair with just about any other scent. In fact, vanilla has been used with just about every other scent. It gives a boost to the olfactory experience when in tandem with both floral and fruit scents. Lavender and jasmine go well with it, as well as lilies of the field. Bright citrus scents such as mandarin and grapefruit are tempered and enhanced by it. You virtually can’t go wrong when pairing vanilla with any other scent.

The Scent of Home

One word to describe the scent of vanilla is nostalgic. Because it has been popular for many decades, generations of people associate it with the home they grew up in and the experiences they had there. Perhaps their mother had vanilla soaps and candles, or frequently baked with vanilla. Vanilla evokes comfort, warmth, and familiarity. It’s something to come back to again and again.

A Subtle Scent That Lasts

Vanilla is the perfect combination of a scent that isn’t overpowering but hangs around. It doesn’t dominate the senses or demand to be noticed. It warmly sits in the background. Its scent lasts long, as does its impact. It reminds those who smell it of delicious goods baked in the home. It comes and goes without too much notice.

A Reliable Seller

When candle makers want to guarantee reliable sales, they stock the shelves with vanilla candles. They know that so many consumers prefer timeless scents, making vanilla a great option. It has a chicken and egg effect: merchants sell vanilla candles, so candle makers create them. Because they are consistently on the shelf, consumers buy them. It leads to the never-ending success of the beloved scent.

Add it all up, and there’s no wonder vanilla dominates the candle filling and soap scent market. It has been popular since its beginning and doesn’t show any sign of slowing. For a timeless, subtle, long-lasting fan favorite, look no further than this unassuming crowd-pleaser. Reach out to our team today if you’re in need of high-quality candle-making equipment.