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Candle Making Made Easy

Coogar Products provides worldwide distribution of high-quality wax melters, candle filling equipment, and more. We take direct control of production to ensure the highest level of quality, and our service-oriented staff will ensure you get the equipment installed and working as quickly and effectively as possible. We are passionate about our products, and dedicated to our clients’ success.

Designed for Efficiency

Ramp up production and reduce your costs. What if you could reduce turnaround time for making a candle by up to 66% with just a few machines? This equipment makes it easy. Setup is fast, changeovers are faster, and it’s all extremely energy efficient. This equipment will also help you eliminate much of the waste that many candle makers have to deal with. You won’t have to deal with inefficient batch processes or fragrance throw-off. Our wax melting and pouring equipment is designed to let you melt and pour as much as you need when you need it. No waste. No loss of quality. Just a consistent and efficient process.

Designed for Flexibility

We invented a method in which the fragrance and color is injected at the time of the pour, which means the base product is never contaminated and a changeover can happen in less than a minute. In traditional pouring methods, many of the high notes are gone from the fragrance after just a few hours. With our method, the fragrance is added at the time of the pour ensuring that you don’t lose the high notes in the fragrance. You can work according to your schedule, and for the long haul. Our wax pouring equipment allows you to keep working and get quality results every time. Whether you’re producing a 100 piece or a 4,000 piece order, no job is too big or small!

What Makes Us Different

We don’t just make the equipment. We’re involved throughout the entire process. Our team at Coogar Products can assist you in your facility set up and help you with any technical questions regarding your products. We’re well connected with all major suppliers and are approved for sales in the European Market, where there are a lot of restrictions on these types of products. We have more than 70 years of manufacturing experience, so we will deliver the high-quality industrial candle making equipment that is built to last.