Wax melters are a great tool for commercial companies who produce items that require large amounts of wax. A melter is a more effective tool when it has all the necessary parts to make a job easier, such as pumpers. There are three styles that are especially helpful and these are mixing, batch, and diffuser pumpers.

Mixing Pumpers

Many wax products have different colors and scents added to them, but injecting additives at the right time and in the correct amount can be tricky. Mixing pumpers are special tools that can take the wax in any quantity and precisely mix in the fragrance and color that your product requires.  The reason this pumper is especially helpful is because it will get the weights correct every time and mix at the time of the pour.  This job has never been easier than with a mixing pumper.

Batch Pumpers

Commercially producing wax items means that you are going to require a lot of pouring. Using a batch pumper to help you fill containers helps you to pour in exact amounts every batch and in every pour. Like other pumpers, this job requires just one person to run and helps you perform the task precisely and quickly.

Diffuser Pumpers

One thing that not many people outside of the business know is that not all wax is hard. Some wax comes in blocks that require melting before it can be handled and manipulated, but other products are already in a liquid state without adding any extra heat. The most common types of products you will need these pumpers for are fragrances, oil, and liquid dye. There are two different types of diffuser pumpers to choose between- a table top and a heavy duty pumper.

The first is a table top pumper that is a more compact unit that is able to be placed on a table top, if desired. It is mainly used as a way to transfer the liquid from a bulk container to another container where the liquid is stored long term, labeled for retail sale, or just put into smaller, more convenient units. The heavy duty type of pumper does more to the liquid than just portion it out or redistribute it. Instead, this diffuser pumper has an extra-large vat where the product can have things mixed into it, like fragrance, before dispensing into other containers. These are very fast in changing fragrances and containers, but it also can help you save money in your fragrance costs in the end.

Invest in a Pumper Today

Investing in one or more great pumpers can improve your business by increasing production and helping you make more product. All of the different pumpers mentioned above can make your processes easier, faster, and better.