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CS Melter


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The CS Melter is a safe and affordable melter designed for smaller batch pours. Whether you are a small start-up or a large manufacturer with the need for occasional small batches for test purposes, the CS Melter is the answer. As all of our melters do, it uses our advanced, power efficient, and safe, direct heat technology.


Product Description

160 lbs. 72 kg
65 lbs. 29 kg
110v 8amps
240v 4amps
Length x Width x Height: 22 x 21 x 28 in 56 x 54 x 71 cm

Additional Information

Weight 80 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 31 in

2 reviews for CS Melter

  1. loi

    This is the best melter.

  2. Craig Askegren, No Frills Candles (verified owner)

    I received my CS Melter about a week ago now and have no real negative comments. It works very well, it does what I wanted it to do. Now that I have this melter I regret not buying the Semi-Elite. That isn’t due to a problem with this melter, I am just hard on things. This melter doesn’t have metal sides, it is just the foil insulation. The foil insulation is very sturdy, but I know myself and will probably do something to protect it, like putting sides on it myself. If you can, and are worried about damaging the insulation, I would suggest the Semi-Elite because it has stainless steel sides. The only other small issue I have is that I wish the drain pipe stuck out a little further. My melter is on a shelf and I have to pull the melter forward to the very edge of the shelf to fit a pitcher under the spout for dispensing. Another inch on the length of the spout from the tank to the elbow would be nice. Again, I still give the product five stars because of the help it will provide as I start to produce more candles! I would recommend it to anyone.

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