coconut wax for your wax mixing pumpers and melters

Coconut wax may be just the ingredient you need to create something unique with your wax mixing pumpers and melters.

The Coogar Products line of energy efficient mixing pumpers can effectively melt coconut wax so you can start to expand your range of candles, cosmetics, and other products. Our equipment is designed to let you produce more, faster, and with fewer people – so you can experiment with different materials and develop a unique range of products.

What’s So Great about Coconut Wax?

Coconut wax is made of the cold-pressed meat of coconuts and then often combined with soy (vegetable) wax for added firmness. It is made from the coconut itself, like coconut oil, and it is organic, environmentally friendly to produce, and free of pesticides.

A lot of people actually consider it cleaner than soy wax.

Coconut wax is easy to work with and offers your customers long-lasting, great-smelling candles and safe, skin-enhancing beauty products (which is especially important if your customers are interested in effective, safe, organic, and environmentally friendly bath and beauty products).

Coconut Wax for Candle Making

We are starting to see a lot of people switch from paraffin wax and soy wax to coconut wax to enhance their candle making business.

One of the main reasons for this is because the wax is a natural bright white color that can easily be dyed to suit your needs. It is easy to pour, and the results burn longer (with nearly any kind of wick) and cleaner than other waxes. Many believe that it holds its fragrance longer than other waxes, too.

The only potential concern of using this kind of wax in your candle making is that it does tend to be a bit soft. This really just means that it may need some beeswax added if you want to stay with a natural blend or paraffin mixed in to get the firmness you want for your candle.

Coconut Wax for Cosmetics

Coconut wax can also be used for a variety of beauty applications. Because it is 100% natural and organic, it can be used in a range of safe skin and hair products. Below are some of the beauty products that can be made with coconut wax:

  • Skin moisturizer
  • Nail enhancer
  • Makeup remover
  • Hair moisturizer
  • Eye dark circle remover
  • Foundation

Coconut wax is packed with vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants that moisturizes skin, hair and nails, giving them a youthful, vibrant look. It also reduces blemishes on the skin and evens skin tone.

The Right Mixing Pumper for the Job

Coconut wax melts great in the mixing pumpers, diffusers, and melters by Coogar Products. You can pour large or small quantities in extremely accurate amounts while mixing fragrances and dyes at the time of the pour.

These wax pumpers help you increase production while reducing waste, so you can create higher-quality products and increase your profit margins, even when you make the switch to coconut wax.

It only takes a single person to operate the wax pouring machine, so you can work more efficiently – whether you’re producing items in small batches or going for a more industrialized level of production. These

Even if you only have a single mixing pumper, you can see some immediate benefits, such as:

  • Fast changes for colors and fragrances
  • A lightweight design that is fully insulated and cool to the touch
  • A wand dispenser to pour in precise, controlled amounts
  • The option to work with paraffin, soy, vegetable, palm, beeswax, coconut wax, and other materials

Our mixing pumpers and melters are proudly made in the USA, are built to the highest quality standards, and are backed by a satisfaction guarantee and are CE certified to be used abroad in other countries.

Coogar Products’ machines feature the most accurate temperature control and robust safety features. We’ve built our reputations on supporting our customers throughout the entire process, so if you’re ready to add coconut wax to your product line, our specialists can provide any help you may need.

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