A wax pump is an effective choice for dispensing material that is already in a liquid state and doesn’t require additional heating to make it that way. When you are working with unheated base products, a diffuser is a simple way to ensure that the medium keeps moving and pouring effectively.

This is often the choice for products that use fragrances, oils, liquid dyes, and other unheated mediums.wax pumpers

What Does a Diffuser Do?

Wax pumps are particularly effective because, even though the liquid doesn’t need to be heated, it still needs to be moved. The addition of a diffuser means that you can control the flow of the material to increase or decrease the liquid pressure, thereby making the centrifugal pump’s motion more effective.

The pumpers we offer come with a number of standard and specialized features, including:

  • Heavy-duty stainless steel construction that will ensure the equipment lasts for years, even if you’re using it on a consistent basis. This also means that it won’t rust or corrode, which could contaminate your batch.
  • Solid state circuitry makes it possible to precisely control the pumping and dispensing.
  • Easy to set up and use, whether you’re working in large or small batches.
  • Safety is always a component of all our designs.

You can get a tabletop dispenser unit for applications when you need to transfer the product from a bulk container to an end-use container. If you are working in larger batches in which you need to mix a fragrance with the base product before it is dispensed, there is also a larger model that makes this a simple process.

These wax pumps are so easy to use that they can be safely operated by a single person while still delivering the precise mixing, fast fragrance changing, and container shifts that your projects call for.

Controlling Costs

This kind of effective operation can help you reduce overall costs along with increasing energy efficiency. It can do this because the diffusers increase the efficiency of the pump by allowing the product to gradually expand while maintaining the necessary velocity.

It is important to remember that since this is strictly for products that don’t require heating, it won’t work with liquids that are too viscous, so always follow the instructions and recommendations to make sure your equipment continues to function well without getting clogged.

When high-efficiency and pump reliability is important to your project, wax diffuser pumpers are a great choice. Take a look at our models and get the one that will work for your next job.