7 06, 2016

The Different Kinds of Wax Pumpers

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Wax melters are a great tool for commercial companies who produce items that require large amounts of wax. A melter is a more effective tool when it has all the necessary parts to make a job easier, such as pumpers. There are three styles that are especially helpful and these are mixing, batch, and diffuser [...]

4 05, 2016

How to Make Wax Hands

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Making wax hands is a fun activity for all ages and all events, including birthday parties, corporate events, and carnivals. You can make wax hands for fun decorations or for keepsakes. You can even make candles from wax hands. The possibilities are endless, but how exactly do you go about making wax hands? The process [...]

16 04, 2016

Wax Filling Machines for Making Candles

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What Equipment You Need to Start Making Candles The candle making industry is one of the largest industries in the United States. With over $2 billion of revenue in the candle industry, it should come as no surprise that seven out of ten households use candles. With so much money involved in the business, you [...]

24 03, 2016

The Benefits of Wax Pumps

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A wax pump is an effective choice for dispensing material that is already in a liquid state and doesn’t require additional heating to make it that way. When you are working with unheated base products, a diffuser is a simple way to ensure that the medium keeps moving and pouring effectively. This is often [...]

5 03, 2016

Effective Wax Dispensers

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There are a range of wax dispensing systems for industrial or commercial usage, and it’s important to understand the different characteristics of each in order to get the right dispenser for your needs. Everything from the size of the reservoir to the type of pouring valve can impact your production process, so you can get [...]

1 02, 2016

Wax Tanks Have an Important Job

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A wax tank has to do more than just act as a temporary vessel for some melted wax. It has to be an integral part of the product process, which means that, like all your other equipment, it has to provide reliable performance and easy-to-use features. Whether your wax tanks are used for short run [...]

9 01, 2016

What Features Make a Good Wax Melter?

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Wax melting equipment comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, but there is more to a good melter than just applying heat to a big tank and hoping for the best. If you aren’t using the right equipment, or even if you’re using the wrong equipment for a particular job, you could burn or [...]