9 01, 2018

Four Signs Your Business Should Upgrade to Industrial Wax Equipment

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Have you seen a huge increase in demand for your wax products? Are you running out of supplies fast or looking to make your processes more efficient and with less waste? If so, it might be time to make the leap to industrial wax equipment! Here are some things to look for that are signs [...]

15 02, 2017

What Equipment Is Used to Make Cosmetics?

By | February 15th, 2017|Cosmetics|0 Comments

In order to produce high-quality cosmetics, it’s important to have the right equipment for the job. Since a lot of different cosmetic products rely on strong emulsions to create the desired consistency and texture, you need to know that the mixers, tanks, and pouring equipment will work absolutely reliably. Whether you’re creating creams, lotions, hair [...]

1 02, 2017

Best Soap Making Equipment

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Soap making can be an arduous task if you don’t have the proper soap equipment. If you’re making soap at home for a small group of people, there are many household items that you can use. Pots, plastic juice jugs, empty milk cartons, a whisk, a sharp knife, bowls and a thermometer are some of [...]

14 11, 2016

Beyond Candles: What Else You Can Make With Coogar Products

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Coogar’s wax equipment opens up many business possibilities. You can pursue a successful business making and selling candles, soaps, cosmetics and more. No matter what your passion or line-of-business is, if it involves wax, we have you covered. Coogar Products offers the most dependable and affordable wax melters, diffuser pumpers, mixing pumpers and batch pumpers [...]

29 09, 2016

Coogar Products CE Marking: What it is and Why It Matters

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Whether you operate a small candle making business or you go to fairs and community events allowing kids and adults alike to make fun wax crafts and keepsakes like wax hand molds, you need equipment that is dependable, efficient, portable, safe and reasonably priced. There are many wax manufacturing companies out there to choose from. [...]

16 09, 2016

Have a Thriving Candle Business With Coogar Fragrance Candle Filling Machines

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Boost Candle Production With Coogar Fragrance Candle Filling Machines Whether you’re a large candle manufacturer or a small mom and pop outfit, you’re probably aware of how messy, and time consuming filling fragranced container candles can be. The process can also be inefficient and waste a lot of product. Raising prices on your [...]

20 06, 2016

Make Unique Wax Hands for Different Events and Occasions

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Special events or occasions in which a lot of people get together for some fun activities are the perfect places to set up a wax hands machine and get everyone involved. Making these little keepsakes is a fun and memorable experience and something everyone can participate in. Any hand position can be captured in this [...]

7 06, 2016

The Different Kinds of Wax Pumpers

By | June 7th, 2016|Wax Pumps|0 Comments

Wax melters are a great tool for commercial companies who produce items that require large amounts of wax. A melter is a more effective tool when it has all the necessary parts to make a job easier, such as pumpers. There are three styles that are especially helpful and these are mixing, batch, and diffuser [...]

4 05, 2016

How to Make Wax Hands

By | May 4th, 2016|Wax Hands|0 Comments

Making wax hands is a fun activity for all ages and all events, including birthday parties, corporate events, and carnivals. You can make wax hands for fun decorations or for keepsakes. You can even make candles from wax hands. The possibilities are endless, but how exactly do you go about making wax hands? The process [...]

16 04, 2016

Wax Filling Machines for Making Candles

By | April 16th, 2016|Wax Dispensers|0 Comments

What Equipment You Need to Start Making Candles The candle making industry is one of the largest industries in the United States. With over $2 billion of revenue in the candle industry, it should come as no surprise that seven out of ten households use candles. With so much money involved in the business, you [...]